Bluebird – Slow Stitch


Slow Stitch Bluebird Kit
A lovely way to slow down, unwind, and release your inner creative.

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The Slow Stitch Bluebird kit is all about mindfulness and having fun. It involves using hand-sewing techniques rather than using a sewing machine, this allows for a more intimate and hands-on experience with the fabric and thread. Slow stitching encourages you to be present in the moment and fully engaged in the creative process.

It can be a meditative practice, helping individuals to reduce stress and find relaxation through repetitive motions. Our Slow stitching kits often use hand dyed fabrics, recycled materials, or repurposed textiles. This aspect aligns with our principles of sustainability and reducing waste. That is why not every kit has the same exact fabrics or notions.

All of our Slow Stitch kits include: a detailed instruction sheet, pattern, large eye needle, hand-dyed fabrics, embroidery floss, notions and threaders.

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Slow Stitch
Blue Bird
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